At Skin For Life I utilise Paramedical grade products and systems designed to match the chemistry of the skin that will work with your own natural rhythm to protect during the day and repair at night. This enables me to bring a level of balance and cellular improvement to heal skin conditions and reverse and prevent ageing. Used in conjunction with a personally designed skincare regime for at home, clients can expect immediate and ongoing improvement in their skin. The professional ranges I utilize gives me tools to uniquely design a program specifically for each individual, no matter their skin concern. With 23 years of experience, I have the skill to recognise the root cause of conditions and offer solutions with treatments, supplements, dietary advice and healing.




We use Circadia products

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If you’re suffering from skin concerns, or are ready to combat ageing. Visit us for results based skincare.

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Before seeing Leanne for my skin treatments I had no idea that it was possible for my skin to look and feel this way! Leanne has many years of experience and knowledge and uses the highest quality DMK products. People always ask me how I have such great skin! Not only that Leanne can help you understand how your emotions and life stressors are affecting your skin and aspects of your life...I have had several sessions of The Lifeline Technique, some of them even while I am having an Enzyme! I always leave an appointment feeling amazing in so many ways.
Thank you Leanne

Katie Waitling

Leanne truly cares about every client and their skin care needs. She makes every treatment an experience and I leave each appointment with glowing skin and a sense of relaxation. Leanne has been treating my skin every five weeks for twelve years. I would not trust my skin care to anyone else!

Julia Cremin

I have been seeing Leanne for years. Her knowledge and just presence with you is amazing. You feel like the most important person in the world.
Every time I enter the clinic I'm immediately hit with a wave of calmness.
If you are looking for amazing skin results or wanting to overcome some limiting beliefs in your life . Do yourself a favour and book to see Leanne. She has change my life. Thank You.

Elisha Fasan

After spending thousands of dollars on other treatments, is was only when I started having treatments with Leanne at Skin for Life that I really gained any change in my scars. I am truly grateful to Leanne and her staff, and highly recommend their systems of care.

David Pavelic

After seeing a doctor who put me on Roaccutane which did nothing and made me feel terrible, I decided to visit Leanne at Skin for Life Gymea. From the first day Leanne explained very clearly what she would be doing and that she would be tackling the problem from the root and not just surface level. My chest was terrible when I first came, blistering and pussy, making me feel very self conscious. Leanne was m. able to transform my chest from very bad to back to normal. I would not hesitate in recommending Leanne to anyone.

Darren Grant

Thank you Leanne, as usual you are the one who goes out of the box!

Danne Montague King

I saw Leanne after almost 10 years of having an inflamed, red and sore skin condition. With Leanne's whole of body and mind approach to skin care I saw and felt amazing results within weeks. Now after a year I am so happy with my skin. I can't thank Leanne enough for the care and time put into every appointment.

Amanda Bagnal