Sydney Therapist Gets to the Heart of Skin Problems

by Cate Montana

Like so many beauty therapists, Leanne Cave, owner of Skin For Life salons in Sydney, was frustrated. Not only was she working typical long hours giving her heart to her clients while watching doctors and nail spas erode her business, she was also concerned about the number of people whose skin problems simply wouldn’t go away.

Certainly there was wonderful progress and help for many. But for some dealing with psoriasis, Rosacea, chronic acne, and Body dysmorphic disorder, it seemed total cures were beyond reach. “People had recurring skin problems,” she said. “Some people had a psychosomatic obsession with blemishes that weren’t even present, and some people had skin problems that even after they went away, they couldn’t see that they had gone.”

Her inability to help people heal in such situations ended when she was introduced to the work of Dr. Darren Weissman, a chiropractor and alternative therapist in Chicago who had discovered and developed an astoundingly effective healing practice called the LifeLine Technique™.

A quantum technology that bridges the gap between the conscious and subconscious mind, the LifeLine Technique™ quickly and easily gets people to the root of their symptoms, exposing and releasing toxic subconscious emotional patterns that trigger ongoing stress and disease… including skin problems. Read More »

The LifeLine Technique™ in Australia February 2012

by Katrina Heuskes, CLP
Australian Website:

There is something sacred about the nature of the human being who sets aside any judgment of themselves, even for a fleeting moment, to embark upon a new adventure of learning and a journey of self-discovery.  In one brave act of faith, sixty unique individuals aligned in a collective consciousness to attend the February 2012 six day Conscious Body/Conscious Mind & Advanced I training in the beautiful city of Adelaide, South Australia. So what leads women and men from New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, France and every state in Australia to travel the distance in order to discover and re-discover the science and philosophy of what it means to live life with an attitude of “Infinite Love and Gratitude”?  For some, an inquisitive intrigue, for others an inspirational seeking of their own truth, and for many a passionate desire to further explore & unravel the principles and essence of the transformative work of Dr. Darren Weissman. Read More »

The Meaning of HYDRATION!


By Danne Montague-King

The word “hydration” or “hydrating” has been a buzz word in both the cosmetic and aesthetic field for decades. We have had hydrating creams, serums and treatments for as long as I can remember.

Before we define the actual meaning of “hydrate”, let’s look at a similar word that is actually a complete misnomer- this word is “moisturiser”. Read More »

Damage Control from Head to Toe


by  w w w . c o s m e t i c s u r g e r y m a g a z i n e . c o m . a u

In a world where consumers want results yesterday, it’s no surprise so many men and women are opting for the ‘quick fix’ when it comes to revising ageing skin. The good news is that with DMK getting great results doesn’t mean going under the knife. DMK’s advanced Remodelling Procedures (RP) have the potential to reveal the real you. No needles, no incisions – just younger, fresher and clearer looking skin. RP can be used to revise most skin concerns, including sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation and scarring, all of which can lead to a prematurely aged appearance.
Consistent with the DMK philosophy of working with the chemistry of the body, RP looks at the causative factors of premature ageing. Sun damage, as well as uneven
pigmentation commonly found on the arms, backs of the hands, décolleté and legs is actually a sign of poor functionality within the skin. To resolve it, we need to understand why the skin is functioning this way and change the architecture of the skin to help it return to a healthy state. It’s vital to look at how the damage occurs and take action to revise the skin from the inside out.
How it works

RP involves applying a solution to the face in a series of layers that is then left on the skin overnight. The use of a low-level laser as well as Enzyme Therapy treatments are incorporated to complete the cycle of REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT and MAINTAIN. The solution helps to rebuild a stronger, healthier skin, as well as gradually allowing the top layer of skin to lift away to reveal a clearer, younger and healthier looking complexion. RP aims to have an immediate effect on cross-linked wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, freckles and uneven skin tone. This stage of removal is necessary in order to shed the outer layer of dead skin cells. The skin can therefore continue to produce well-functioning skin cells – just as it
did when we were young.

Why it works
In order to get the skin we really want, we must provide the skin with the best possible environment to thrive. That’s why DMK doesn’t just offer peels, it offers a complete system based on the REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT and MAINTAIN philosophy. Healthy skin requires regular maintenance and this can be done with the use of a personally prescribed DMK Home Prescriptive plan. By checking in for regular treatments and following the at-home skin care regime as prescribed by a DMK technician treatments results of RP can be maintained and enhanced.

Getting Balanced to Enjoy Optimal Health and Energy

by Hills Spinal Health

Have you noticed how life these days just seems to be getting busier, faster, more stressful and more demanding? It seems like we have more and more responsibilities and things competing for our time and attention.
When it comes to health it gets even more confusing- almost every week we are bombarded with some new wonder drug, fad diet or super-duper exercise program. Every time you think you are on the right track it seems the rules of the game change… it’s enough to make your head spin! We have so much information available to us today (and so much of it conflicting) that it can be hard to tell fact from fiction. Read More »

LifeLine Technique – Infinite Love And Gratitude

by Craig Gybson

Do you feel that life is out of control, or that you are stuck in the same cycle of physical and emotional pain? It may be worth exploring the LifeLine Technique™ – an approach to healing that utilises the capacity of the body to self heal, using a range of approaches and modalities, all with the objective of harmonising imbalance and releasing subconscious emotions. Cathryn Murdoch is a certified LifeLine Technique™ practitioner who operates via her Cherish Healing practice, and was kind enough to share her knowledge of the technique with ntpages. Read More »

Leanne Cave, CLP of The Month January

How has the LifeLine Technique impacted my life?

I found Darren Weissmans first book  ”The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude” at the back of a little book store at a time in my life where my marriage of 20 years was over, my children were devastated and I was lost and very depressed. The book made sense and explained to me how we are controlled by our subconscious mind. Understanding and learning how the past shapes us and how our fears can continue to control us was a revelation and a relief to know. Acknowledging  how at a scientific level our mind body spirit and universe is all connected and controlled by our thoughts was something that many of us may have heard before, however to learn from Darren that there is a technique we can learn to use on ourself or others to facilitate a way to have our subconscious follow us rather than reacting to reactions. Was brilliant. I needed to know how this works. Read More »

Infinite Love and Gratitude Dude

by Edie Weinstein

I am the joy of meeting Dr. Darren Weissman a few years ago, when he came to Philadelphia  from his home base of Chicago,to speak at a two day workshop with Gregg Barden . This man glowed like no one I had ever known.  A gentle and powerful energy exuded from him and I was drawn to know more about the source behind it. He describes it as Infinite Love and Gratitude.  Simple and profound, as you will see when you read his words that follow.

Scar Revisions

by Danne Montague King

When I was a teenager I had the worse case of Acne Vulgaris imaginable. In those days (the 1950′s) there was a popular over-the-counter product called “Clearasil™”, a sort of pinkish beige tinted chalky crème allegedly supposed to dry out Acne and pimples. However, I had other uses for the product. I loathed appearing at school bristling with pustules, so I covered my entire face with this salve, like a make-up base, to cover the offensive ‘Pizza Face’ look. Unfortunately, the product really did dry out the skin and would crack with facial movements; hence I never smiled at all, earning me the title ‘the death mask kid’

It all sounds funny now, but to a teenager suffering from peer groupism, an Acne condition is far from amusing. I recall in 1994 when I was appearing on the Dublin chat show ‘Kenny-Live’ (Ireland’s answer to Oprah Winfrey and Geraldo Rivera), my topic was Acne conditions. The preceding evening, the newspapers headlined the story about a youth who committed suicide because of his severe Acne and lack of money to have it treated. There really is a hopeless unclean feeling when you are an Acne victim. You feel especially vulnerable to the opposite sex in those growing years, positive that every girl (or boy) recoils in disgust when you enter the room. Read More »

Rosacea Reality!


by Danne Montague King

Rosacea has probably been one of the most misdiagnosed and misunderstood skin disorders in the history of the human race. The symptoms of Rosacea are so variable that many people have been treated for it when they were in fact, suffering from so other skin disorder and many people who had rosacea were treated for common acne. The term Acne Rosacea was a common medical diagnosis a few years ago. Now it is no longer considered a valid disorder under that name. Read More »