The LifeLine Technique™ in Australia February 2012

by Katrina Heuskes, CLP
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There is something sacred about the nature of the human being who sets aside any judgment of themselves, even for a fleeting moment, to embark upon a new adventure of learning and a journey of self-discovery.  In one brave act of faith, sixty unique individuals aligned in a collective consciousness to attend the February 2012 six day Conscious Body/Conscious Mind & Advanced I training in the beautiful city of Adelaide, South Australia. So what leads women and men from New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, France and every state in Australia to travel the distance in order to discover and re-discover the science and philosophy of what it means to live life with an attitude of “Infinite Love and Gratitude”?  For some, an inquisitive intrigue, for others an inspirational seeking of their own truth, and for many a passionate desire to further explore & unravel the principles and essence of the transformative work of Dr. Darren Weissman.

Dr. Weissman’s teaching style is open and accessible to a variety of adult learning styles and he holds the space with integrity, grace and humour guiding you as a participant into a matrix that provides a fresh perception of how our mind works.  Whether you are a Certified LifeLine Practitioner, a first time student or back to review the seminar you cannot help but experience transformation on a profound level.  A consciousness becomes evident amongst us all as we learn how to shape shift reactive patterns of thought and behaviour, and how do we know this is happening?

You “hear” it first.  It appears in the dialogue of question and answers that ripple through the seminar room.  It is the thoughts and paradigms of awareness shifting in each and every person sharing the space.  We know we are safe.  There is a moment in which we truly understand that we are not just here to learn The LifeLine as a Technique but experience it in every cell of our body.  Then, you “see” it.  Our faces gleam with excitement as the new information is absorbed on a cellular level and everyone looks like they have experienced a massage, facial or taken a conscious body exercise class.  There is a spring in our step and an energetic sparkle in our eyes.  Now there is no other way but to “feel” it.  Words are replaced with the “Infinite Love and Gratitude” hand mudra coming directly from a place felt within the deepest recess of our soul.  Hearts are broken, opened wide and able to beat freely in a loving, considerate and compassionate way within the way we relate to others and especially ourselves with a new understanding of the importance of feeling emotions that come to the surface in any given moment.  When
triggered by reactive patterns, we harmonize, we transform, we shift and “All is Well”.

Beyond the seminar room, the divine Goddess energy, the Infinite Love and Gratitude corner, the Healing Circles, the workshop opportunities, the hotel fire alarms being activated whilst harmonizing the “panic” emotion, the laughter and the play, friendships are formed embracing a new attractor field of infinite potential for life beyond the six days of training.  Forever more, the way in which we delicately dialogue with people has transformed and is so much more enjoyable as we access the truth of who we are.  And of course, whether it is over a beautiful meal and bottle of delicious South Australian wine or another glass of filtered water and locally grown almonds the Aussies know how to get the “Heart of the Matter” with love-laser like precision.

Have you ever felt what it is like to be welcomed with an Open Heart? Come join us in Australia in 2013 at the Annual LifeLine Technique™ training seminar and transform your body, life and relationships.  It will be Summer here and the water is warm, so take the plunge and Shine!

Always & Forever with Infinite Love and Gratitude,
Katrina Heuskes, CLP
LOVE is the poetry of the senses!

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