Sydney Therapist Gets to the Heart of Skin Problems

by Cate Montana

Like so many beauty therapists, Leanne Cave, owner of Skin For Life salons in Sydney, was frustrated. Not only was she working typical long hours giving her heart to her clients while watching doctors and nail spas erode her business, she was also concerned about the number of people whose skin problems simply wouldn’t go away.

Certainly there was wonderful progress and help for many. But for some dealing with psoriasis, Rosacea, chronic acne, and Body dysmorphic disorder, it seemed total cures were beyond reach. “People had recurring skin problems,” she said. “Some people had a psychosomatic obsession with blemishes that weren’t even present, and some people had skin problems that even after they went away, they couldn’t see that they had gone.”

Her inability to help people heal in such situations ended when she was introduced to the work of Dr. Darren Weissman, a chiropractor and alternative therapist in Chicago who had discovered and developed an astoundingly effective healing practice called the LifeLine Technique™.

A quantum technology that bridges the gap between the conscious and subconscious mind, the LifeLine Technique™ quickly and easily gets people to the root of their symptoms, exposing and releasing toxic subconscious emotional patterns that trigger ongoing stress and disease… including skin problems.

Leanne learned the technique in a 5-day workshop intensive and was blown away by what she discovered. “I started beauty therapy work 13 years ago and my whole focus had been on more superficial stuff like Botox, permanent makeup and using various products to heal, or at least reduce, skin problems. I was amazed making the shift to a whole deeper understanding of skin health and the emotional component behind it.”

According to Weissman, symptoms and disease, whether it’s diabetes or a skin rash, are the language the body uses to inform us when we have troubling subconscious material and emotions that haven’t been resolved. Like road signs, they’re present to show us where to go—what needs to be addressed on the inside. The LifeLine Technique™ acts as a sort of map, revealing the symptoms’ true nature and message.

Once the causes of the symptoms are understood and the subconscious emotions attached to them are released, the symptoms disappear.

In the two years Leanne has been using the LifeLine Technique™ in her business, she’s been astonished at the changes in clients she uses it with. “David was a kid with such bad acne he grew his hair to hang over his face. He kept his head down and over time basically became suicidal and very reckless about his life. Doctors prescribed Accutane, but that just made the acne worse. I treated him and there were definite improvements in his skin.”


ut David still wasn’t happy. Some acne and scars still remained. He was stuck in the same job and he had no relationships. “I realized the stories he had in his head about himself were the same old stories,” says Leanne. “Every time he looked in the mirror he went back to being the little boy who had once been so terribly bullied and helpless.

“I did a couple LifeLine sessions on him and now he’s totally changed! His skin has cured completely, the scars are gone and he has a new job and a new relationship.”

David’s is just one of many stories Leanne enthusiastically shares. Her LifeLine sessions last for 20 minutes, and she usually incorporates it with other treatments, although she also uses the Lifeline as a separate treatment as well. Since she began incorporating it into her beauty practice her clientele has boomed from referrals. Women, children, men, seniors… they all come in to her for the amazing beauty treatments that work from the inside out, and then they consistently stick around for more.

“People tell their beauty technicians everything. It’s just natural to get into working the Lifeline with them,” laughs Leanne. “The best thing is I’m able to use who I am and all that I do to care about people and get them feeling better about themselves. My business is completely transformed, I’m transformed, and I have more people than I can handle.”

For more information about Dr. Darren Weissman and the LifeLine Technique™ go to

An article by Dr. Darren Wiseman will appear in the March/April edition of Professional Beauty Magazine. A Lifeline training seminar will be held in Sydney on the 4th-8th March this year. Or visit more information.

Cate Montana is a freelance journalist and the author of Unearthing Venus: Search for the Woman Within (Watkins Publishing, September 2013); target=”_blank”>

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