Leanne Cave, CLP of The Month January

How has the LifeLine Technique impacted my life?

I found Darren Weissmans first book  ”The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude” at the back of a little book store at a time in my life where my marriage of 20 years was over, my children were devastated and I was lost and very depressed. The book made sense and explained to me how we are controlled by our subconscious mind. Understanding and learning how the past shapes us and how our fears can continue to control us was a revelation and a relief to know. Acknowledging  how at a scientific level our mind body spirit and universe is all connected and controlled by our thoughts was something that many of us may have heard before, however to learn from Darren that there is a technique we can learn to use on ourself or others to facilitate a way to have our subconscious follow us rather than reacting to reactions. Was brilliant. I needed to know how this works.

After 1 session it was revealed I held resentment at birth. My twin brother had died at birth and although I didn’t realise consciously how it  effected me, I know now it certainly did. The day after my session my reactions changed, I was responding to friends family and my clients from a place of security and it was amazing. I was able to speak from my heart and gain control of my own life and my happiness.

The Lifeline technique works fast and with ease enabling emotional and physical healing to occur. It is an honour and a privilege to be able to facilitate and witness changes in the lives of my clients. I have worked treating skin conditions for over 10 years and adding the Lifeline Technique to the modalities I use has enabled healing to occur at the original cause. The results I now witness are far more successful. Nothing can be more rewarding than to hear a client has awakened to the the truth, to then experience very real healing from very serious disease and disorder. This is occurring all around me and I am deeply grateful to Darren Weissman for sharing this gift and for being there for more as I learn.

What is my vision with the LifeLine Technique?

My vision with the LifeLine Technique is to keep sharing my passion and belief in the power of this therapy. I plan to further my education in this field. I will continue to implement lifeline session in all my skin correction work. I will endeavour to share and encourage many more people to become CLP’S as to create a ripple effect so more people can connect to the power of Infinite love and Gratitude.


To contact Leanne, please email her at skinforlifegymea@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone  +612 9526 5032
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