Getting Balanced to Enjoy Optimal Health and Energy

by Hills Spinal Health

Have you noticed how life these days just seems to be getting busier, faster, more stressful and more demanding? It seems like we have more and more responsibilities and things competing for our time and attention.
When it comes to health it gets even more confusing- almost every week we are bombarded with some new wonder drug, fad diet or super-duper exercise program. Every time you think you are on the right track it seems the rules of the game change… it’s enough to make your head spin! We have so much information available to us today (and so much of it conflicting) that it can be hard to tell fact from fiction.

In the midst of all this noise and confusion, it’s easy to lose track of the simple truth that maintaining great health and vitality is actually really simple. You see, the fact is that health is really all about balance. That’s it.

If you keep this simple truth in mind you will never go too far wrong when it comes to staying healthy. Every time you are presented with a choice just ask yourself- “Is this moving me towards or away from a more balanced state?”

In our work in the clinic there are 3 key areas that we focus on getting balanced in order for you to enjoy optimal health and energy. Those 3 areas are:

1/ Structural- when our physical body is balanced and in alignment there is no pressure on our nerves, our joints, our muscles and ligaments and we can maintain good posture with minimal energy expenditure.

2/ Biochemical- being chemically balanced means that our body has all the vital nutrients it needs to function properly and is free of toxic and poisonous substances. When we are in biochemical balance our metabolism is able to react in a healthy way to whatever foods, drinks, substances and pollutants we encounter in our daily lives by accepting the good and eliminating the bad.

3/ Mental/Emotional- when we are mentally and emotionally balanced we are able to react to the constantly changing events and circumstances in our lives, without becoming either frantic and stressed, or anxious and depressed.

In kinesiology we refer to these 3 areas as the triad of health. If imbalance in any one of these key areas is not dealt with then it will eventually create problems on all 3 sides of the triad.

For example, let’s say that we have a build up of toxic metals in our body (very common), causing imbalance on the chemical side of the triad. This affects our bodies’ ability to properly produce hormones and neurotransmitters, so both our metabolism and our brain function will be interfered with.

If the neurotransmitter serotonin is the one affected, then we will start feeling depressed, imbalancing us on the mental/emotional side of the triad.

This will be expressed in the body as a slumped posture, which will soon start to impact the joints in our neck and spine, causing pain and headaches and making us feel even worse… and so the cycle continues.

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