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Leanne Cave

Leanne has been changing skin and changing lives for over 15 years, as a qualified DMK therapist and educator and more recently as a Certified LifeLine Practitioner.
Combing the LifeLine Technique with the DMK system, Leanne is the only therapist in Australia to use both methods.

“After working with skin conditions for many years, I came to truly understand the power of the mind and how unwanted emotions and stress was often a trigger to many of my clients’ conditions.”

Leanne is best known for her incredible results in the treatment of Acne, and has been heralded by Dr. Danne King himself as a crusader in the treatment of Acne, to quote Dr. King from his interview in Professional Beauty Magazine “Many Therapists are afraid of severe acne cases and often foist them off on dermatologists or do nothing at all. There are incredible exceptions such as Leanne Cave of Australia who have taken the plunge many times with treatments that have not only changed young people’s lives forever, but also prevented suicides.”

Leanne’s true motivation is to help people, above all else. She has thrived to continue to learn and build her knowledge over the years to truly transform people, not only physically, through treating their skin, but emotionally.

Leanne’s success can only be attributed to her authentic motivation to really help people make a positive shift in their lives.

Deanna Cirino

Deanna has over 15 years experience as a beauty therapist and make-up artist. Since joining Skin for Life in 2012 she has become a skilled and effective paramedical skin technician in both skin correction and pre and post operative care.

Before joining Skin for Life, she was the owner Creations for Beautiful Skin for over 10 years, and over that time her passion for eyebrow shaping became her specialty.

Deanna has a passion for changing lives, making a difference all the way from eyebrows to skin correction. She is most enthusiastic when she witnesses the emotional change in someone after finally finding answers to long suffering skin conditions.

Since working with Leanne, Deanna has come to learn that there is more to skin care than just products and treatment, and has embraced the power of the LifeLine Technique. She has witnessed huge shifts in people’s lives through correcting skin, and has studied the Lifeline Technique and continues to educate herself in the paramedical and healing modalities.

Deanna has an energy and a heart that is infectious, it’s no wonder she is so highly requested in both clinics. We at Skin for Life are very honoured and grateful to have her head the Skin for Life team.

Together, Leanne and Deanna offer the very best as they bring together over 25 years’ experience in techniques that work perfectly in unison with one another.


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