Alkaline scar revision

A resurfacing treatment to revise pitted scars and rebuild the structure of skin, to create a smooth texture. This involves alkaline resurfacing and enzyme therapy, and is excellent for post acne scars. Requires follow treatments to aid in the healing process.

This treatment is for those conditions that have been weakened from past trauma, and treats old acne scars including ice pick scars (cuniform scars) and red or brown pigmented scars.

Skin for Life have had excellent results in treating these conditions.

If considering scar revision, you must be prepared to follow the exact protocol recommended as the results occur only when home care is used and the recommended treatment is carried out.

At Skin for Life, we do more than simply revising the surface, what is needed to repair these scars is a rebuilding of the structure of the skin. It’s likened to smoothing the surface and supporting the network of the cells that give the skin the strength. For this to occur we will need to cause a slight controlled trauma on the surface and then with the appropriate healing, the skin will re-knit and create a smooth appearance.

Scar revision is Skin For Life’s specialty it truly is our most rewarding work, if you are ready and be committed, we will get you the results you have been searching for.

$175 - $200 per treatment

"After spending thousands of dollars on other treatments, is was only when I started having treatments with Leanne at Skin for Life that I really gained any change in my scars. I am truly grateful to Leanne and her staff, and highly recommend their systems of care"

David Pavelic, 29

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