Follicuzyme treatment

Includes Alkaline and enzyme therapy for the treatment of ingrown hair and scarring. Alkaline will soften, swell and dissolve impactions and enzyme therapy will heal individual ingrown lesions. This is great for ingrown hairs in men around the beard area. Prices quoted individually depending on the area being treated.

Ingrown hairs are a common problem for men and women. Pseudofolliculitis, or more commonly known as “ingrown hair,” is a familiar and irritating problem for both men and women. Folliculitis falls under two categories; superficial and deep. An ingrown hair is a hair that gets trapped under dead cell material or curls in the follicle, causing inflammation, itching, red bumps, infection and other unpleasant symptoms.

1. Hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, tweezing and electrolysis often irritate the follicle and cause ingrown hairs and folliculitis
2. A build up of dead skin cells in the pores and on the surface of the skin can cause inflammation in the follicle. Some are more prone to this than others due to genetics
3. Skin suffering from lack of moisture
4. Coarse curly hair can curl or twist in the hair follicle
5. Stiff beard hair, incorrect shaving techniques
6. Damaged hair follicles by clothing friction
7. Certain bacteria can reside in wet environments such as spa baths that have been known to cause infection and folliculitis

1. Inflammation in the hair follicle. This results in red, raised, dry, itchy bumps. The body can also respond by producing papules and pustules on the skin which contain pus and can cause infection
2. Constant tenderness
3. Tingling and itching
4. Hard, prominent, scar tissue can form in some cases

Areas that are commonly affected
• Upper arms
• Bikini
• Legs
• Men’s’ beard
• Back and chest (more common in men)

The DMK Solution
Follicuzyme is a solution for ingrown hairs. DMK has developed a very quick and effective in-salon treatment intended to relieve or eliminate red bumps and ingrown hairs. Its application assists in relieving the infection, redness and inflammation usually leaving the skin smooth and supple. Can be used on most areas of the body for both men and women. The key product in Follicuzyme is alkaline wash.

What is alkaline wash and how does it work?
Alkaline wash is an alkaline powder that is mixed into a paste and applied to the desired area for a short period of time, depending on the coarseness of the hair. The treatment is not like a hair removal cream. It is of a much higher pH for the purpose of not only hair removal but reducing hair re-growth. After the first treatment hair will grow back at its normal rate, but as treatments progress the rate of re-growth should lessen, usually resulting in a reduction of the appearance of hair over a period of time. The appearance of the skin observed is firstly a shiny appearance which feels slippery.

Q. Will this harm my skin?
A. alkaline wash is used in skin treatments to remove dead cell material from the surface, so this gentle exfoliation will actually benefit your skin, although your skin may feel dry a day or two after the treatment. This is normal and is not harmful to your skin.

Q. Are there any side effects?
A. The treatment is pain free, however in some cases, usually after the initial treatment before the skin has adjusted to alkaline, you may experience some redness or dryness. You may even have some very superficial scabs, although this is when the hair is very coarse and the alkaline wash solution may need to be left on the skin for longer. As long as you do not scratch or pick them, they should heal given normal conditions. As with any product applied topically, there may be small percentages of people in the population that may experience an adverse reaction.
An alkaline wash treatment should give an improvement and lead to restoration of health to your skin however, topical chemistry, like surgery, does not give 100% outcome and is not an exact science. Therefore your skin technician performing this procedure cannot guarantee the exact results or a time frame in which optimum results may be achieved. The technician can only offer testimony to past cases including any before and after photos.

While alkaline wash is usually accompanied by minimum discomfort provided you follow the home prescriptives given to you by your DMK technician faithfully, you may experience the following:-
• Redness and a slight sandpaper effect on the skin
• Peeling proceeded by a crusty hardness to the skin’s surface
• Irritation around the eyes and the mouth area and sometimes on the chin
• An outbreak of pimples or gases and other impurities that were already present in the skin
• A slight burning sensation or “sunburn” sensation in the early stages of the treatment
• An irritated, open lesion that may weep and then scab and heal normally (requires antibiotic gel or other treatment as prescribed by a physician or as recommended by the technician).

After care instructions
• Only use DMK skin care products on the treated area as prescribed by your paramedical technician. Other products may adversely affect the outcome.
• Do not sunbathe or use a solarium for 24 hours. Use of a solarium is not recommended by DMK. Apply DMK transdermal sunblock on the treated area
• Use DMK beta gel at home
• If redness occurs, apply ice or natural yoghurt

Full face $170 - $200 per treatment

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