How to Place an Order

First follow this link

Here you will create an account (much like you have an eBay or Amazon account, for example) and you have an option to join as a Retail Customer or as a Wholesale Member.

We recommend the Premium Starter Kit which includes oils, samples and a diffuser to get you started quickly and easily with great added value.

Retail Customer:

Becoming a retail customer allows you to purchase any oil, any time. You’re not required to purchase membership and can order freely when the need arises. Each time you purchase you pay at full retail price.

Wholesale Membership Options:

This is a great option if you want to purchase more than one oil, or think you might order more regularly; Young Living offers great membership options, you only purchase your membership once in your lifetime. Once a member, always a member. There are no annual fees, or minimum monthly requirements. You also have access to monthly promotions and sale items. Your membership is active for one full year, if you don’t ever order, again, no worries! If you wait a few years and decide you want something else, simply call Young Living and place your order. Viola! Membership active, again. You are also eligible to participate in the Essential Rewards program, if you choose to down the line, and earn points back for every dollar you spend.

To purchase your membership, simply add the 'Basic Starter Kit' to your first order, it's only $45 and comes with a lovely 'Stress Away' oil, along with samples of other oils and products and great reading material to help you start your essential oil learning journey.

Once you have chosen which account you'd like to create, enter 2210663 into both the Sponsor and Enroller, if it isn't already there.

You are now ready to place your order! If you need any assistance in placing your order online, you can contact me at or simply call the friendly customer service team:

Australian Customer Service: 07-3859-2000


Is there a monthly order minimum?
No. There is a yearly minimum of 50PV (1USD=1PV) to maintain your distributorship (which means continuing to get the wholesale pricing). 
That’s it! Otherwise, if you don’t order at least 50PV per year, your account will simply go dormant.

I don’t want to sell anything. Do I have to sell Young Living products to be a Distributor?
No. Since there is no monthly order requirement you can simply just order whatever you and your family need whenever you need it. There is no requirement to have a business. You can be a Distributor the rest of your life if you like and only distribute to yourself. You never have to sell a thing.

Will I be contacted regularly?
You’ll get one or two emails each month from the company to inform you of the monthly promotion or special offers. Other than that it is just me who can contact you to help you with your ordering or any questions you have about the oils and how to use them.

Once your order has arrived at your door all that's left to do is enjoy incorporating the oils into your home and the lives of your friends and family.

What's the difference between a Wholesale Member and a Retail Customer?




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