Rocasea Clear

Designed to treat red reactive skin, or skin that shows capillary weakness; we utilise ingredients that strengthen skin to provide real results.

The treatment of red reactive skins is determined by the individual case. Some skins are red due to the reaction from products that aren’t recognised by our own skins’ chemistry, like the DMK products.

Some conditions are representative of a systemic condition
• Poor gut function,
• Parasites like Demodex mite, for example, living in the skin and gut
• Helico P bacteria living in the follicle of the skin and in the gut
• A rise in cortisol levels in the body due to continual stress
• After effects from using Roaccutane
• After effects from using cortisol creams
• Emotional stress, living with fears and anxiety from past experiences

When treating this condition it may be necessary to treat the skin with Alkaline and Enzyme solution to rid the skin of any parasites or bacterial or fungal infections. The skin will experience more redness and downtime; however, under your therapists care and using DMK products, healing will occur.

The DMK Quick Peel 1 and 2 is also used alongside Enzyme therapy to flush and strengthen the capillary network. Similar to the sensation of applying Dencorub to a muscle; this therapy creates a false heat, which feels hot on the skin temporarily, but will have the affect of moving trapped blood through a capillary, rather than cause veins to swell, giving skin the appearance of broken capillaries.

The Digestive tune up is also highly recommended for most Rosacea clients, along with Lifeline sessions to reduce stress and anxiety. Many clients with Rosacea have tried therapies like IPL or medication; our approach is very different as we treat this condition with several levels of care.

Feel free to come in for a consultation for advice on all levels of care before starting the treatments. I highly recommend all advice be followed, as treating this condition will require commitment from both the therapist and the client.

For more information visit our blog page where you will find an informative article entitled ‘Rosacea Reality’, written by Danne Montague King

Quick peel and Enzyme therapy $175 - $200 per treatment

Aklaline and Enzyme therapy $175 - $200 per treatment

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