Treatment price list

Skin Treatments

Between 175 - 200

Anti Aging Enzyme Treatment
For fast results providing smooth and firm skin
Skin Tightening Enzyme Treatment
A powerful firming treatment in one session
Acne Treatment
Effectively cleans out blocked follicles and balancesskin for ultimate healing
Evacuderm Treatment
Clears deeply congested skin
Melanozome Treatment
Designed to treat pigmented skin
Rosacea Clear
Designed to treat red reactive skin or skin showing capillary weakness
Alkaline Scar Revision
Smooths and rebuilds pitted scars
Follicuzyme Treatment
Treats ingrown hair on the face
Ultimate Lift Enzyme Treatment
Designed to refine the skins’ surface and provide the ultimate in firming
Quick Peel
An effective brightening and exfoliating or healing treatment
Luxury Facial 110
Teenage Facial 70

Add to your Skin Treatment*


Fiberblast C™ infusion
A breakthrough vitamin C age management treatment

Eyes only 35 Full Face 55

MediPedi® 55
Calluspeeling® 55
Manicure 35
Cellulite Treatment 75
LifeLine Session 80
Eyebrow Wax 20
Eyebrow Tint 10
Eyebrow Design Specialist 50
Eyelash Tint 20
Intense Eye Treatment 35
Electromagnetic Therapy 35
Low Level Laser 35
*Prices apply as an add-on to a skin treatment, only


Body Treatments


Body Enzyme
Full body exfoliation, detox and hydration treatment

Back 150 Arms 90 Legs 200

For the treatment of ingrown hair and acne on the body
Back 160 Arms 140 Legs 200

Cellulite Reduction Treatment 95
Effectively reduces toxic fluid build up
RP Peel
A peeling treatment for sun damaged skin

Price quoted upon consultation

MediPedi® 90
DMK’s MediPedi® gives visible improvements in just one treatment leaving the roughest, most cracked andcalloused feet feeling smoother and softer
Calluspeeling® 90
Completely eliminates cracks, callousness and dead hard skin without using blades or drill files
30 Minute Massage 40
1 Hour Massage 80
Manicure 55


Alkaline Hair Removal

Effectively reduces all types of facial and body hair

Lip 25
Half Face 65
Full Face 90
Bikini 55
Arms 85
Back 110
Chest 90
Legs 120

Peels and Series of Treatments for Lasting Results

Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel
A resurfacing procedure for those wanting dramatic results, revising old damaged skin and re-establishing structural integrity
Face only 1400
Face/Neck/Décolletage 1800

A Lift (Aesthetic Lift) Series
Skin fitness program that tightens and tones the skin, restoring a healthy youthful appearance
12 treatments 2400

RP Peel
Revises the skin by looking at the underlying cause of premature ageing making it ideal for conditions such as sun-damaged skin
Face only 1400
Face/Neck/Décolletage 1800

Evacuderm Series
A series of treatments performed weekly for deeply congested skin
6 treatments 1100
8 treatments 1450
12 treatments 2100

*Peels and Series’ prices arenot inclusive of products required for treatment

Eyebrow Shape 20
Eyebrow Design Specialist 30
Chin 15
Bikini 24
G-String Bikini 34
Full Bikini 59
Full Leg 49
Half Leg 34
Arms 30
Full Arms 39

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