The Lifeline Technique™

The lifeline Technique™

The lifeline Technique™ is a quantum healing technology and philosophy that incorporates the blue print of the subconscious mind, the newest in western medicine, the power of infinite love and gratitude and the tried and true findings of eastern traditions. During the process of a session a client is able to create and heal their lives physically, emotionally, mentally and in relationships, by setting Intentions and harmonising unwanted emotions.
After working with skin conditions for many years, I came to truly understand the power of the mind and how unwanted emotions and stress was often a trigger to many of my client’s skin conditions. Our past experiences shape us, if we were involved in trauma or drama in our lives, negative emotions set in. As we travel through life we will be triggered and reminded of these events and the subconscious mind will believe it’s still at the original occurrence and yet again will be left feeling the same way. We then for example, either react from a place of fear or insecurity instead of from a place of being in control. After studying this technique in Chicago, I learnt about the power of the subconscious mind, it reacts, it repeats and replicates. These innate processes keep us stuck in a cycle of destructive thought patterns, preventing us from living a life determined by our own intentions. The mind can have a powerful effect on our bodies and chemical and cellular imbalances will occur preventing us from being a completely self-healing individual.
Each Lifeline session takes 1.5 hr and is completely content free. This is not a treatment, the results lie with you and whether you’re ready to change and discover the power of healing within you. The Lifeline session uses kinesiology based muscle testing along with 13 other holistic therapies to determine where in your body or life are you ready to heal and transform. Shifts in consciousness can occur in as little as 1 or 2 treatments creating a clear mind enabling you to live a life of your intention and providing your body with the balance needed to be completely regenerating. If you think your stress or thoughts are preventing you from complete health or happiness and you’re ready to awaken to your true self. Then I look forward to guiding you through the experience of a lifeline session.

How much is The Lifeline Technique™?
Session $150 1.5 hr
With Enzyme treatment $90 45 min
Couples session $200 2 hr

"Leanne Cave has been a good friend of mine for years. She has a pure heart, and to be in her presence is healing. Leanne's application of The LifeLine Techinique® and DMK is both brilliant and beautiful. She intuitively knows how to meet whoever she's with exactly where they're at and guide them to the next greatest version of themselves. I highly recommend Leanne as a Certified LifeLine Practitioner and DMK specialist." - Darren Weisman