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Manual dexterity

Thank you Leanne, as usual you are the one who goes out of the box!

Danne Montague King

After spending thousands of dollars on other treatments, is was only when I started having treatments with Leanne at Skin for Life that I really gained any change in my scars. I am truly grateful to Leanne and her staff, and highly recommend their systems of care.

David Pavelic

After seeing a doctor who put me on Roaccutane which did nothing and made me feel terrible, I decided to visit Leanne at Skin for Life Gymea. From the first day Leanne explained very clearly what she would be doing and that she would be tackling the problem from the root and not just surface level. My chest was terrible when I first came, blistering and pussy, making me feel very self conscious. Leanne was m. able to transform my chest from very bad to back to normal. I would not hesitate in recommending Leanne to anyone.

Darren Grant
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